2016 – the year of standing up against PC oppression


It’s been very difficult the last few years with political correctness being thrust into our faces, schools, clubs, and businesses. Sometimes, for the benefit of safety and inclusion, it was required; but like most things in life we humans take it too far.

For a while, thanks to social media, mainstream media, and my geographical location, I have been made to feel like I am guilty of many crimes because of my appearance and beliefs.

But finally, many people like you and I have said enough is enough! We have been tolerant of the accusations, policies, and forceful opinions of others and it has reached breaking point. Unlike our unlearned left, we have done it in a non-violent manner. Instead of protesting in the streets and attacking others of differing views (see anything that involves ANTIFA) it has been done legally and where it matters. In the polls.

Let us recap some key events of 2016, thus far:

New Zealand flag photo
Photo by www.steveconover.info

1. The New Zealand flag referendum.

“Progressive” parties in New Zealand wanted to change it, the majority said no, and then they wanted a re-vote to change it again. (Thankfully that didn’t happen… Although laser-eyed-kiwi-of-death flag would have been funny).


e831b90e28f6053ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d311b4144195f6c9_640_BrexitThe EU has fallen far from its original ideals and reason for being. The populace of the UK walked, and in doing so have avoided a migrant influx from Turkey when it joins.  It avoids losing much of its wealth to support fiscally irresponsible nations (looking at you, Greece), and it now won’t have to supply forces to a European army controlled by unelected individuals. Britain can now trade with her empire unrestricted.

3. Auspol federal election.

Australian flag photo
Are you sensing a running theme?…… Photo by Christian Haugen

With neither of the major parties actually supporting what most regular Australians want (mostly they were pandering to minorities and unions), the population sought someone who spoke to their desires of security and national interest. How can people be surprised by the rise of minor parties and predominantly Pauline Hanson because of this?

4. Trump.

Donald Trump photo
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Next on the radar of interest is the American election with the rise of a very unlikely person in the form of fake tan and a toupee. His speeches have been brutal and honest, articulating how many in the nation feel. His Republican opponents dropped out very early on; realising that the brakes on this train were not going to engage. He is representing the common people with words they would use… does that sound familiar? Like maybe a ginger Queensland senator-elect?

Conservatives are finally standing up for what is right, morally, not just politically.

2016 will be a very interesting year.