France – the new Iraq


14578837400_3849af7066_Nice-franceBastille day, or French day if you’re a local, is one of laughing, fun, and fond memories.

No more.

73 people (at present) innocent bystanders, taking part in Bastille day celebrations have been confirmed dead. I am going to say confirmed murdered in an act of complete barbarism.

A vehicle accelerated into a crowd, then proceeded to shoot more people before driving off to another crowded area.

My heart burns with sorrow for the French people, a country whose stereotype for the last hundred years has been the country of love.

And now a place of love, life, art, and celebration is being turned into a Middle Eastern cesspool of violence.

What is France doing to protect its people? What is the EU doing to protect its members?

These attacks in France, Belgium, and Germany are not lone individuals acting out. They are acts of war from an alliance of invading nations, under the banner of religion.

France. Please unleash the fury I know your defense personnel possess to protect your nation, your people, and your way of life!

Photo by Shannon Badiee