Sarah Sea-patrol Hates Democracy


How’s this for a delightful little tweet from the Australian Greens’ Sarah Hanson-Young in the wake of the Brexit?

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

In the bizarre and paranoid world which Sarah Hanson-Young lives in, it is only “hyper-conservatives” (are they worse than “ultra-conservatives”? It’s so hard to keep up…) and “anti-immigration” racists who are interested in political self-governance. Well, that is if you happen to be white or from a European background.

However, if you are for instance, an Indigenous Australian, then seeking a separate, parallel government and legal system is actually a brave, and indeed an appropriate step for self-determination.

Of course we’ve all known for sometime that the Greens are hypocrites of the highest order, seeking apartheid-like treatment and segregation of different peoples, under the disingenuous guise of political correctness and affirmative action. But what is patently clear in Hanson-Young’s outburst is how much the Greens despise democracy, and you, the citizen who dares to exercise your democratic rights.

Any opinion or expression of liberty or democracy that lies outside the narrow vested interests of the Green-Left are denounced as anathema and intrinsically evil. Yet, despite Sarah Hanson-Young’s condemnation, the Brexit could in fact be the beginning of a great democratic and cultural revival in the West. I for one, am excited.