Never saw it coming: Islamic shooting at gay nightclub


e032b80829e91c72d252440dee4a5b97e771e7d21ab7194295_640_TerrorismWell, it has happened.  Mark Steyn warned that the West would become more dangerous for women, for Jews, for homosexuals.  Milo Yiannopolous says that mass Muslim immigration “terrifies” him.

A suspected Islamic terrorist has murdered 20 people and wounded 40 more at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

Update: Now 50 dead and 53 wounded.

From The Australian:

The FBI’s Ron Hopper was asked whether the gunman had any links to radical Islam. “We do have suggestions that that individual might have leanings towards that particular ideology”, he said.

Yes, we know what you are all thinking:

“Not another lone wolf.”

It’s your XYZ.