A Solution to the Migrant Crisis


I have a proposal to solve the refugee crisis. Here it is: We simply need to make sure western countries are deemed “unsafe” for asylum seekers. You know, like EU candidate and NATO member 12547460734_a5126c490d_lightbulb-momentTurkey is “unsafe”. Once we are all deemed unsafe (and I dare say Belgium is a shining light in addition to France) we can get on with being, well, safe.

Australia can be deemed unsafe, well, because Australia is frankly “racist”. After all, that is what the Greens and refugee advocates keep telling us. Surely if these people take the welfare of asylum seekers seriously, surely they would want to spare them from the racism and prejudice that dominates Australian society?

Should that fail, Australia will easily be able to be deemed unsafe for new migrants because of the increasing instances of gang violence (notably the Ajax gang, in Melbourne… or is that the Apex gang? Can’t remember.) and the high probability of terrorist attacks met out by other migrants (or their children) in Australia.

Finally America is unsafe due to the prevalence of gun violence, which we are told is extremely racist. We warn that in the United States, if you happen to be found guilty of being non-white, the police will shoot you on sight. Oh, and because of Donald Trump. No more really needs to be said.


  • with some acknowledgement to the Editors

Photo by uberof202