Little Wally the Pinko


Australia’s most famous housewife, Dame Edna Everage appeared on last night’s screening of Channel 10’s, The Project, giving Waleed Aly much more than he could bargain for.

Dame Edna, referring to Aly as “Little Wally” assured the audience and panel (which was now in stitches) that little Wally “really does look like this… and that it is not a trick of the light.” The giggles had only just begun.

Like a cat playing with a mouse, Dame Edna continued to toy with Aly for the rest of the segment. On the topic of the monarchy, Dame Edna wagered on air that Aly was probably an “old pinko.” Again, Waleed appeared stuck, unable to take the joke.

Moving along to more intimate, bedtime matters, Dame Edna said: “really, making bed fun… I don’t know if you believe in that Waleed…” Well, this came as a red rag to a bull. Waleed, determined to say that he really did find bed fun, in fact; “all kinds of fun”, “fun you wouldn’t believe”, only found himself being toyed with all the more by Barry Humphries’ alter ego. After Aly’s defiant blustering, Dame Edna simply retorted: “Imagine if you had company in bed!”

While the panel and the audience were clearly very much amused by the exchange, Aly’s grimace towards the end betrayed the none too pleased knowledge that Dame Edna had just played him like a fiddle. And while everyone else was in fits of laughter, it was sadly none too amusing for Aly himself.

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