Dr Ikbin Depp describes socialism


14418312174_de6b87534a_Karl-MarxSocialism is essentially gravity, and everyone loves gravity. Humans have always reached for the stars, but we will never get to the stars, because: yes, gravity.

Lets take a group of people, who we know are all equal despite race, creed, colour, age, sexual orientation, sexual self-identity, diseases and disorders they may suffer, real or imagined handicaps and all the other qualities of being human that do not differentiate us from one another as they cannot in any way make us less equal than one another as.. and I tip my hat to Einstein here for his famous equation from 1845: People=People.

So, people all being equal, and gravity being gravity, we should all either reach for the stars or not. But as not all may be willing nor able, collectively we will never reach for the stars nor should we – to do so would actually be racist, as it would lead to inequality should some people paradoxically make themselves less equal to other people – which is crazy talk and scientifically impossible.

Even if that were the case, it would be the role of nature to drag those people back to the level of their fellow man, and that is called socialism, and the hand is government acting as gravity.

So, to summarise, Dr Depp loves you all and don’t forget to tune in to my upcoming podcasts with Dr Karl Marx. And remember kids, the moon landing never happened, because that would be a socialist scientific impossibility. Stay equal Australia.

Photo by ell brown