Conspiracy Theory of the Night: Are Obama and Rudd the same person?


Welcome to The XYZ’s latest instalment of Conspiracy Theory of the Night. The big question on everybody’s lips today has been who would be the biggest danger to world liberty as head of the UN, Barack Obama or Kevin Rudd.

America's first half white President, Barack Obama.
America’s first half white President, Barack Obama.

However, is it possible, dear reader, that the half-white “President” of the United States, and the twice former Australian PM, and quite obviously a very badly programmed human cyborg, are the same person? Think about it. Both are malignant narcissists. Both display copious levels of megalomania. Both have pretended to be something they are not so as to foist socialism and unprecedented levels of government debt on their respective dominions.

Is it possible that Kevin Rudd is merely an astral projection of Barack Obama’s personality? Or is it the other way around? Nobody knows.

Consider what each (or each representation of the same personality) may say in their opening speech, as Secretary General of the UN – Obama, far from calling for “fundamental transformation” of the world body, may simply tell them, “You guys are doing a bang-up job. I couldn’t do better at the exploitation of fake climate change fears in order to redistribute wealth on a global scale, nor the constant Israel bashing, if I tried. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.”

As for Rudd, he may well be the more dangerous of the pair/duality. His call for more “programmatic specificity,” may well appear innocuous, but totalitarians throughout the Twentieth Century have understood intimately the power of opaque language. It is such banality as this which should make us the more fearful.

Be afraid, people, very afraid.

Photo by DonkeyHotey