The Next Technology Revolution is Here


Now for something completely different. In the attached video you will see that the next revolution is here, and will be led by technology. Scientists are now able to tackle many of the resource challenges facing humanity through a mixture of technology, biology and design.

While retrograde forces seek to drag us down and backward, cutting edge innovators are on the cusp of unleashing the next industrial revolutions. Take the time to watch this video, really focus for fifteen minutes, and you will see that the game has changed.

Spoiler alert: They just made plastic redundant with a man designed and made biodegradable 3D printed alternative. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. If the climate change orgy in Paris this week is to make a difference, they will prioritise cutting edge technological advances. Naturally, they will instead introduce a global tax targeted at the West and promote a concept of climate justice.


Photo by Mars P.