Climate Change: What They Haven’t Told You


One of the problems with climate change is that the science, and the facts are often obscured by politics.

Patrick Moore, the co-founder and former president of Greenpeace reveals several of the details that are generally overlooked in our response to climate change.

The main thing is that we can be sure that the climate is always changing. In fact, as Dr Moore state: “change is the only constant; it’s true about life and it’s true about the climate.”

Far from being a recent phenomena cause by human activity, the climate has been changing since the earth was formed some 4.6 billion years ago. Even in recent centuries, the climate has fluctuated between warmer and cooler periods.

The earth was warmer than it is today during Roman times and in the ‘Medieval Warm Period.’ And it was the ‘Little Ice Age’, which occurred from around 1300 to 1850 that cause the Vikings to abandon their settlements in Greenland. Many of these former Viking settlements in Greenland are still too cold and inhospitable in our present day.

There is a lot more to climate change than we are usually told, and much of the change has nothing to do with human activity. The earth has experienced times of significant glaciation during ice ages, and very warm times when the whole earth has been free of ice, even at the north and south poles. This is all part of the earth’s natural patterns of change.

Patrick Moore explains these regular and natural climate fluctuations in the clip below.

Although humans may have had some impact of the earth’s climate, significant change is naturally occurring. Perhaps it would serve us well to learn more about the earth’s natural climate change, its history and processes rather than flying into alarmism and doomsday speculation.