Michael Moore-ish: “Rich Old White Guy With a Sign” Quote of the Day


This is a 'photoshopped' version of the original sign (but you knew that)

Today’s XYZ quote of the day goes to New’s columnist Tim Blair.

Blair’s comments come following activist Michael Moore’s ‘hash-sign’ and media stunt, where he stood in from of Trump Tower protesting against Donald Trump’s call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to the United States.

Moore has decided that we are “all Muslim”, which may come as a surprise to us who aren’t.

Some of the following remarks could be heard at XYZ headquarters:

“If self loathing of the West seems to be a pass into the Umma, then this dummy is a Dhummi.”

“Michael Moore has come from the dizzying heights of ‘Fahrenheit’ and ‘Columbine’ which deserve accolades to moronic stupidity so spectacularly. Such a shame. I wonder how many more deaths before this ‘fad’ dies with them.”

“Oh Allah.”

But Tim Blair sums up this ego stunt better than any of us could:

It’s just “a rich old white guy with a sign.”


Photo by Sal Ami