“Affluenza” Kills


"Affluenza." Just like influenza but not.This article; Did Twitter take down ‘affluenza’ teen Ethan Couch? set my mind wondering.

A young shitwit was sentenced to probation and treatment after an expert testified that he suffered from “affluenza” and was raised without consequences or rules due to his parent’s wealth.

Affluenza: It makes sense. Better yet, it legitimises lack of consequence or rules, treating it as a disease, and therefore exonerates the damages and actions of the sufferer of the disease.

It is perversely brilliant, akin to “migrant crisis”, “Islamic peace” and so much of the double speak which is sophistry spraying a diarrhea load of crap in the face of reason and decency. My message to such sophistry is: You shit me to tears.

Photo by smashmirrorcardboardface