Obama Pulls Prank on Media: “I Will Destroy ISIS”


In an Oval Office address earlier today, President Obama vowed to “destroy” the Islamic State, otherwise known as DAESH, and referred to its fighters as “thugs and killers”.

After giving this rare, serious sounding Oval Office address, the XYZ ha2174935053_55d9e5e7cc_Barack-obamas received unconfirmed reports from media representatives that the President then pointed his finger at those present and was immediately overcome with fits of laughter. In between the President’s hysterical giggling, he announced,

“I really had you there for a moment! You actually thought I was being serious about destroying ISIS?”
[hysterical laughter]
“I’ve been pretending to destroy them now for the last year and a half! Why do you think I would ever actually try to destroy them now?”

Although the XYZ cannot confirm these reports, the President was afterwards seen exiting the Oval Office muttering to himself between chuckles “… B.O., as well as being dashing and charismatic you are downright hilarious!”

While reports of the prank remain unconfirmed, there clearly is a gulf between the President’s words and actions. Perhaps we’re just not getting the joke…