Beware the Falling Penis, Quote of the Day


60759138Ehsan Abdulaziz, a millionaire property developer with an interest in Islamic Politics, who was this week in the UK cleared of raping a teenager, by claiming that he may have penetrated her when he fell on top of her.

Mr Adulaziz explained that he had just had sex with the teenager’s friend and his penis was still erect when he fell onto her. He went on to say that his penis may have penetrated her vagina.

Bizarrely, the jury bought Adulaziz’s ‘Oops, I fell over’ story, acquitting him in 30 minutes.

If there is any justice to come from the case (and I suspect there is very little), Mr Adulaziz will from now on be known as the prick who is so “fragile” that the teenager could pull him off his feet to accidentally penetrate her, and who held onto that story even after the girl reported him to have said, “It’s fine” to indicate that her friend was asleep.

To support your new reputation as ‘World’s most Fragile Prick,’ we’re giving you XYZ’s quote of the day.