Climate change and atmospheric pollutants


The Earth’s atmosphere has change drastically. A massive, inadvertent geo-engineering project has made life untenable for most of the organisms which heretofore called Earth home.

If climate scientists had their way, we would hunt every last stromatolite down and kill it, therefore stopping the earth from going off the charts in terms of levels of atmospheric pollutants. This pollutant, of course, is oxygen.

ea36b30720f11c3e81584d04ee44408be273e7d51db511429df9_640_OxygenBeing photosynthetic, cyanobacteria produce oxygen as a by-product. Photosynthesis is the only major source of free oxygen gas in the atmosphere. As stromatolites became more common 2.5 billion years ago, they gradually changed the Earth’s atmosphere from a carbon dioxide-rich mixture to the present-day oxygen-rich atmosphere. This major change paved the way for the next evolutionary step, the appearance of life based on the eukaryotic cell (cell with a nucleus).

So – climate scientists ought to welcome and advocate carbon emissions, as it returns the atmosphere closer to pre pre pre industrial times. Heck, if it does away with people, all the better.

You now it makes sense.