Another Senseless Shooting With No Known Motive


450px-Obama_Hope_Poster_Shepard_FaireyFBI officials have revealed that the wife of the San Bernardino gunman had “pledged allegiance” to ISIS in a Facebook post under an assumed name, even as the atrocity was in progress. A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed this and added that the post was subsequently “removed from public view.” This was, presumably, to ensure that everyone from the weakling in the Whitehouse down could continue to insist that the attack was an incidence of workplace violence, and could go on being mystified as to what possible motive two heavily armed persons with Arabic sounding names, well known at their local Mosque, and given to making Facebook posts in praise of the gentle types known as ISIS, might possibly have. No, I haven’t go a clue either. Domestic violence, anti-abortionists, deranged Baptists? Your guess?

Source: Shooting wife ‘pledged to ISIS’