Poland Invaded – Chamberlain vows “pitiless war” against Violent Extremists


It can now be confirmed that Poland has suffered thousands of casualties over the last couple of days, as a result of its being invaded. British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, has vowed to launch a “pitiless war” against the the violent extremists responsible for this outrage.

He has, however, appeared cautious with regard to sending ground troops to resolve the situation in Poland, maintaining that intensifying airstrikes and closer cooperation with moderate forces on the ground should be sufficient to bring the perpetrators of this outrage to justice. US President, Franklin D Roosevelt, has stated that the US is happy to lead from behind in action against whoever are the folks responsible for this ‘random’ violent extremism.

This pragmatic approach is supported by the ABC, which points out that the last war proved that full-scale warfare cannot resolve international disputes in such a complex region of the world as Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, one BBC analyst has urged caution, warning the situation on the ground in Poland is very convoluted:

‘Different ethnicities and competing religious beliefs do not follow arbitrary national borders, which were drawn by the Western imperial powers after World War One, with little understanding for the rich web of histories and cultures, but also the centuries of hatreds, which make Poland such a vibrant yet enigmatic melting pot.

‘Really, the West should take a good hard look at itself for its centuries of meddling in Eastern Europe, which is the ultimate reason for this conflict.’

Social media has erupted in support of Poland, with people changing their profile pictures to the Polish national flag, and several hashtag campaigns going viral. Overall, there is a general feeling of defiance that the violent extremism currently underway in Poland will not get in the way of the freedoms we currently enjoy in the West.

Facebook is concerned that the actions of a tiny minority of national socialists, who are not really national socialists given their violent extremism, could lead to a backlash against the majority of peaceful and moderate national socialists.

Meanwhile, Facebook has moved proactively to crack down on hate speech against national socialists, banning many far-right groups who have proliferated on the internet. Of particular concern is the support for warmonger Winston Churchill, who has urged stronger action against violent extremism for years. ‘This is just what the violent extremists want, said a spokesperson for Facebook. We must not respond to hate with more hate.’

In particular, derogatory language, such as use of the term “Nazi” has been strongly discouraged, and efforts are underway to clamp down on the spreading of malicious rumours that national socialists intend to conquer the world and kill all the Jews.

It’s your XYZ.

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