What if this does have something to do with Islam – and an entry test


5860Just a thought to contemplate. Imagine if the ABC and BBC and the Imam’s and Islamic lobby groups and the UN and all the progressives are mispeaking when they automatically assure us that something has nothing to do with Islam.

I spilt a coffee the other day. THAT had nothing to do with Islam. A siege happened the other day in Melbourne with a guy proclaiming to be the prophet of Islam and all other sorts of things. THAT also, I am assured, had nothing to do with Islam.

Hmmm…. I must be dim witted.

On another note: I may have a solution we can work towards. Religion is not bad, inherently, at least so I am told. And Islam is peace. What we find is mentally ill people doing things in the name of religion.

So – how about this:

We submit migrants and refugees to mental illness tests. If you have the type of illness that might result in you blowing yourself and others up, or just hacking away at them, we can offer safe harbour, but on condition that we dope you up to your eyeballs in sedatives and or more therapy than you can realistically afford as a taxpayer.

Such a test would go a long way to reassuring me.

But back to the main point. It’s just peculiar to be told such a blatant lie. Why are they repeatedly and blatantly lying to us? Why is it important that bombings, sieges, stabbings and other acts in accordance with the teachings of the Koran have nothing to do with Islam? If these are things that have nothing to do with Islam, why don’t we change Islam so it has nothing to do with the things it has nothing to do with?