Vatican: We have no responsibility for ‘tiny minority’ of pedophile priests


In the wake of the sex abuse scandals which have rocked the Catholic Church in recent years, the Vatican has today released a statement reassuring members of the community that only a “tiny minority” of Catholic priests are pedophiles.

The Vatican has hit back at accusations that the Church could be doing more to prevent sexual abuse, saying that statements such as these from courts and governments were Christophobic had damaged relations with the Church.

Many in the wider community do not understand the cultural differences between secular and Catholic tradition, which they reminded us is a “Religion of Care.”

The Vatican spokesman emphasized that, “these are lone individuals who are mentally unwell, and that while perpetrators may have been Catholic, wearing distinctive Catholic garments and chanting Catholic prayers to the Christian God, the Catholic church bears no responsibility for the actions of a few lone-wolf priests.”

The Vatican warned that there needed to be greater consultation with the Church from governments and educators, and that more needed to be done to stamp out bigotry and racism directed towards Christians.

The Vatican said that following several insensitive statements from affected families and communities, many Catholics were now feeling alienated from society, and strongly urged for more to be done by governments and the broader community to combat the prevalence of Christopobia.