The UN’s disingenuous stance on refugees


The disingenuous language and stance on the current immigration crisis continues from the United Nations following the latest statement from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

The desire to maintain an orderly intake or refugees by several European nations is being slammed as “xenophobic” by the UN leader. Typical. Mr Ban stated:

“The future does not belong to those who seek to build walls or exploit fears,” Mr Ban told the meeting of some 70 countries at UN headquarters.

Mr Ban must to wake up to the fact that the immigration crisis needs to be carefully managed, which involves maintaining the rule of law in nations, including borders.

To allow an uncontrolled flow of migrants would bring outright chaos to all involved, especially those most in need. Uncontrolled borders would also be an invitation to the horrific practices of human and sex trafficing, weapons and drug smuggling just to name of few of the things that the UN purports to be concerned about on other occasions.

While Mr Ban wags his finger and moralises to European nations, many other nations around the world including the wealthy Gulf states continue to refuse to offer refuge to a single person. It is utterly unreasonable and dishonest to accuse Europeans and Western nations of being ‘xenophobic’ when it is precisely these nations that permanently resettle the vast majority of refugees.

While the Secretary General demands that European nations fling open their borders to those who are currently demanding entrance, 60 million other refugees remain displaced, stuck in refugee camps, often for many years. Mr Ban, why are those who have paid people smugglers to take them to Europe more deserving of immediate resettlement than Karen refugees, for instance, who have been living in Thai refugees camps and have registered with resettlement programs, and have in some cases been waiting for re-settlement for over a decade?

Why do the well dressed and well fed young men from Syria et al get to jump the queue?