Rest assured – radical Muslims only a “tiny” minority


Why is it that whenever there is a terrorist attack, politicians and the media go into overdrive, telling us that it is only a “tiny minority” of Muslims that are radicalised? Furthermore, we are reminded that we shouldn’t blame the entire Islamic community for the actions of a few. This is exactly what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said in a press conference this afternoon.

Excuse me but who, pray tell, is trying to blame the entire Islamic community for these attacks?

Islamic leaders, indeed, all Muslims have a role to play to prevent radicalisation and stop these violent attacks from continuing to occur. But no one I’ve heard has ever blamed the whole Islamic community for the actions of terrorists and other killers.

Furthermore, whether or not terrorists and Islamic extremists are a “tiny minority” is not the point. The point is that these violent actions are taking place, and people are continuing to be killed. Let’s keep to the topic for once instead of avoiding the reality of radicalisation by stating that it’s only a “minority” of Muslims who are violent extremists.

To take such pains to apologise for Islam at this early stage, and to divert from the victims of this heinous attack is reprehensible. It smacks as an insult to the cold-blooded killing of Curtis Cheng, and the brave police officers who stepped in to stop the attack.

Imagine if whenever child abuse allegations surfaced in the church, the Pope or Christians leaders were at pains to state, “Only a minority of Christians abuse Children?” The media and the community would rightly be livid for introducing such a disingenuous diversion. Such a diversion would be an insult to the victims who had suffered abuse at the hand of Christians.

Let’s cut the crap, cut the diversions, and cut the rationalisations that are preventing us from addressing the issue of radical Islam.
Please watch this video of Brigitte Gabriel responding to the question of radical Muslims being only a small minority: