Quote of the Day: The left have managed to turn truth into lies


imageQuote of the Day goes to one of the good folk on the XYZ Facebook page. Thank you all for the contribution you are making to The XYZ, and engaging in discussions which need to be had.

This quote summarises the narrative which we sense is starting to form around every terrorist attack – essentially to shift the blame onto the victims:

“We, the public, at least those who dislike Islam, are to blame for every terrorist attack..that means of course, ‘they’ will always be the poor victim. The reason being, that anyone who opposes Islamic ideology, and does not want to live in an Islamic country, is a white supremist, islamophobic terrorist, who have frightened these poor people to such a degree, that they want to kill us first…. the left (who are never right about anything these days) have managed to turn truth to lies and evil to good and vice versa”