How to solve the Middle East Migrant Crisis: Bribe Turkey


5389The language in this article from the BBC, on talks between the EU and Turkey on how to stem the flow of migrants into Europe, displays the self awareness of a goldfish.  Then again, perhaps The XYZ is getting a taste of its own medicine – we pride ourselves on satire which is so close to reality, many people think the stories we make up are true.  And there is nothing funnier than a joke taken seriously.  Perhaps that is what the BBC is up to.  Take this little gem:

“Turkey made a number of demands in exchange for helping to stem the flow.”

Fancy that.

Among the extortions, sorry, demands, are “re-energised” talks over Turkey joining the EU, and 3 billion Euro in aid.

(Cough. Re energise talks for Turkey to join the EU. No more sea crossings to enter Eurabia. Lalala…)

As usual, we hope it at least gives you a chuckle.