Where are the critical media?


Think back, dear reader, and try to find a major event in which the politicians had a massive plan which was not derided by the masses and critically assessed by a cynical media.

Prior to the failed states of the Middle East migrant crisis, I do not think I can find an example in which the media has been so single minded in its reporting, the lefties so smug in their voice being amplified by a compliant media, and the object of the reports so confident in their purpose being aided and abetted by these groups.

It’s a brilliant achievement for group think, for propaganda. A recent comment on the Middle Eastern migrant community was recently made to me. “Step one to wage war is to dehumanize the enemy.”

In this case, the Western Media has made a massive leap away from war, at least on their side. The fact we need no public debate on the wisdom and morality of the current set of actions is remarkable. The lack of the critical (mainstream) media is exceptional. The complete inability to consider the consequences of the actions is brave, bordering of foolhardy.

Certainly no-one in the mainstream media would find parallels between the media, as bad parents, and the migrants, as unruly and disrespectful children with no boundaries who get what they want and throw a tantrum until they get it. The media ought to have a good long hard look at itself.