Tragedy strikes Hajj again


In the new spiritual home of the UN’s Human Rights Council, an annual, but predictable, tragedy has occured yet again. The pointless deaths now tally at least 717. It must be made clear that this Hajj tragedy, like so much else associated with the religion of peace, is predictable and pointless.

The festival itself involves throwing rocks at an inanimate object one perceives as the devil, and it now seems, stampeding or being stampeded upon, by one’s fellow Muslims.

We here at The XYZ urge the Pope, the UN, the BBC, the migrants, the stampeded, the stampeders, God, Allah, the Devil or Obama himself to decry this senseless and repeated waste of human life. Ban the Hajj and set the facilities to a more spiritual objecitve of housing some of the millions of Islamic brothers, sisters and daughters that Saudi Arabia has the opportunity to help.


Credit: Vic Timms