Say it with a picture: Omnipresent “progressive” ad hominems


This “Say It With A Picture” comes with a telling reminder.

Whenever a “progressive” tries to tell you that your argument is based only on emotion, is a personal attack, or not supported by evidence, keep in mind that ad hominems by “progressives” against conservative figures, or against anyone who doesn’t fall in with the politically correct narrative, are seemingly omnipresent. Especially when one lives or works in an inner urban area of a major Australian city.

Remember that they know exactly what they are doing, both when they make a personal attack, and when they complain of personal attacks against themselves. They are attempting to delegitimise their opponents, and to delegitimise dissent.

How to fight back? Continue to give ’em hell.

The message is that if you oppose same-sex marriage, or even if you want to hold a plebiscite to decide the matter after the next election, you are on the same moral level as someone who deliberately killed 6 million Jews. Seems legit.