Quote of the Day: “Pavlovian conditioned by the EU, the UN and the media.”


imageMonday’s Quote of the Day goes to one of our viewers on the Facebook site. The pitched battles between opposing sides on our page today have been thrilling, both for their vigour and for the fact that we attempt to provide an open and uncensored forum for frank political debate.

Check out this pearler:

“Amanda, Germany is part of Europe not the leader of Europe. All the other countries in the EU Germany wants to share the bounty of the migrant pandoras box with, cannot pay their own bills and cannot employ their own youths, let alone a bunch of 20 to 30 year old men from war zones with trauma, who have been pavlovian conditioned by the EU and the UN and the media to respond to any obstacle by rioting, self victimising for the camera and demanding “We want (insert demand)”. And they get. What could possible go wrong?”

It’s your XYZ.