Let them in


Recent images circulating in social media of a drowned Syrian boy can only have one response: Let them in.

Australia experienced this when we saw leaky boats, and then we saw unaccompanied minors on leaky boats, and then we saw people drowning from leaky800px-Etty-HeroAndLeander boats. Every outrage must be met with a humanitarian response to help more, although more then die. Ironically, migrant deaths are a thing of the past even as the laments of humanitarian abuses gather.

I digress. To Europe today, the answer to this image is simple. Let them in. The volume will not increase. Ship them in, no more needless and perilous travel –¬† fly them in for free.

Let them choose where to live. We have plenty to go round. Houses are just waiting wherever they want to be. Give them health and welfare and trauma counseling and childcare services.

The trains will still run on time. The accounts will still balance. The social fabric will not tear.

I just cannot bear to see another pointless death on social media.