Green Dreams 



As James Delingpole has persuasively shown in his brilliant ‘Watermelons’ ( most Greenies are actually just communists wearing the green cloak of environmentalism; just like much of the union movement are old fashioned thugs hiding beneath the veil of “workplace safety,” and much of what passes for feminism is really just a form of totalitarian socialism disguised as “gender equality.”

So it’s refreshing, then, that some Greenies feel able to now show the world their true colours, and, encouraged by recent pronouncements of President Obama and the Pope, feel confident enough to ask for a reconsideration, if not abandonment, of democracy itself, in deference to the climate change (or is that global warming?) god. So a certain Daphne Muller asks, somewhat hysterically, “this moment requires we the people to rethink democracy as a global mechanism for enacting policy for and by the planet.”

What might Ms Muller have in mind? A Green plutocracy ruled by a one world government with the Pope, whom she approvingly quotes more than once, as it’s head of State? It sounds veritably apocalyptic, in a biblical sense. Polpot was probably a keen environmentalist – he had population control at the forefront of his policy agenda in any case, perhaps his regime might provide a ready template? And let’s not neglect the Nazi’s, they would have been right on to emissions control – no doubt there’s some learnings to be had from the early days of the NSDAP? The Islamic State fanatics might also be worthy of a case study – they certainly don’t think much of democracy either.

If these Green nutters ever get anywhere near real power, the world is in serious trouble. Think about that next time you see one of them dressed as a polar bear, soliciting donations in the street.

Source: If Democracy Can’t Respond to Climate Change, Should We Abandon Democracy? | Big Think