Tonight’s Q and A


Tonight’s Q and A – the same sex marriage special, reflecting longstanding ABC obsession, but we digress….

Tonight’s Q and A, in which the Greens leader Richard Di Natale actually said this – “it’s time the Liberal Party changed the Prime Minister.” But yes, that’s how it’s done in totalitarian left wing regimes of course. Bugger the people! The dear leader decides who the Prime MinScreen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.38.07 PMister is…

Tonight’s Q and A, in which a young lady with two mums, and her mum (remarkably well briefed on US Supreme Court decisions), both get to lecture everyone (twice) about same sex marriage (cue righteous applause from the lobotomised audience)… And in which the visiting US evangelical blogger gets a moral slapdown from Sam Dastayari – Yes, Sam Dastayari, do continue reading when you have picked yourself up from the floor… and in which the same blogger suffers a devastating argument from Richard Di Natale – “that’s rubbish” – Wow, how compelling, it must be hard for the Greens to have to confine themselves to relatively civil ad hominen attacks on this forum…

Tonight’s Q and A, in which the Marxist atheist Brendon O’Neill calls out the ugly intolerance and hate-filled narrative of the gay marriage ‘progressives’ and makes a strong case for traditional Christian morality. Bravo Sir! And, last but not least, kudos and high credit to the ABC for managing what has historically seemed so hard – a relatively well balanced panel and discussion. Let the conspiracies of government intervention begin, is there a hashtag for that yet?

It’s the XYZ.