Empowering inequality


Following up on a recent article from the XYZ, on the silence of the frightbats, this white western male would like to lay down a challenge to women, especially western women, whom he considers his equal.

Above, a child bride. Below, a satirical tweet indistinguishable from reality.

Ladies, I believe we live in a society where you can wear what you want, work, study, travel, love, cook and co-habit as you wish. I do not even begrudge your wishes to drive, play football, cricket, marry who you want, divorce if you want or to indulge in sex or no sex with partners as you choose.

In short, I feel that ideologically I am your ally in so many ways.

On the other hand, I implore you to stop sleeping at the wheel and to once again fight for your rights, which have a real and present threat.

There is an ideological system in the West which is growing. It is drawn to the west, nurtured by the west, shielded from criticism by the west and condemns you for most of the things I have written above.

I could name the Ideology (but doing that stymies debate – although that is part of the underlying problem.)

In short, I urge you, feminists or just self respecting women, to fight for the rights of your fellow women. This is best done at home, though in reality, this is an issue which is truly horrific abroad, and drives people from that horror to Western shores. The real and present concern is that the ideas that perpetuate the horror are carried with these people into the Western sphere.

Ladies – I implore you, who stand to lose more than men, to be proactive and stand up for your rights while you hold the upper hand in the West.

imageThe experiences from many countries in the world show that this is not an easy battle to win once the ideological system takes hold. For that reason, I take issue with the “progressives” who ignore the truly horrific root cause of the injustices we see directed by men at women in the name of this ideology. I castigate them, and all the feminists, who raise hell over trifling offences and turn a shameful blind eye at their sisters who are subjugated and objectified systemically abroad, and increasingly at home.

Consider the horrors of female genital mutilation, child marriage, enforced segregation, refused career choices, chatel-ship to male family members or your husband, physical punishment for lesbian tendencies. I am sure if you do more research, you will find so much more to raise your concern and righteous outrage.

Sisters of the west, as a man, I implore you to tap into your righteous indignation and seek to challenge and change the practices which you detest. Focusing on the greatest challenge to womens rights is not wrong – it is your duty. And I charge you, collectively, as failing in this duty.

The XYZ would proudly stand corrected on this point and we urge you all to share, in a respectful and informative fashion, evidence to the contrary.

Photo by Sheena876