Say It With A Picture: Ideological Wasteland


imageYou may have to look a little closely, and then look twice, at this photo. It is one of those glorious moments when the depths to which “progressives” will sink in order to use, to twist language, to influence the way we think, behave, and view the world, becomes abundantly clear.

The picture is of a stock standard bin, at a university campus somewhere in Australia. The “recycling” is labelled “recycling” but the “rubbish” is labelled “to landfill”.


The message of all this of course is that your life is of no value in and of itself, and that it is your responsibility to ensure your worthless life has no impact on the planet whatsoever.

We would encourage XYZ readers to suggest how such descriptively over-honest labelling could be applied to other unpleasant realities of modern life, and also to send in your own proposals for The XYZ’s newest segment, “Say It With A Picture.”