NOT the great train robber!


Can you believe it – the terrorist suspect who allegedly opened fire on a train in France, and was brought under control by the courage and quick thinking of several passengers, is now claiming his intention was to rob the train.

Moroccan national Aloseryoub El Khazzani, armed with an assault rifle, a hand gun and a knife, with some 300 rounds is apparently “dumbfounded” about the terrorist allegations.

Khazzani, the terrorist suspect said that he boarded the train to rob people, and had intended to shoot out a window and jump out to escape.

Clearly one does not need a real gun, let alone two of them, one being a rapid fire assault weapon with one hundred rounds to try and rob a train. If there is one thing that never ceases to amaze me is the sheer stupidity of these terrorist wannabes.

Terrorist wannabes like Khazzani consider themselves superior to the normal rabble found on your average city train, but their behaviour isn’t just far from superior, it is almost comically stupid.¬† A giant capital ‘L’, carved into the ground and large enough to see from space would still be too small to express how much of a loser Khazzani is.

Terrorists try-hards should think twice about buying in to lie of glorious martyrdom. You’re much more likely to end up a loser like Khazzani.

It’s the XYZ.