Masa Vukotic killer: “A timebomb of violence.”


A humbly offered, and very sincere, observation for the Royal Commission into family violence, and to the many working hard to prevent violence against women in our community. An institution of particular danger to women, and many others, in our society, is staring you in the face. It is called the justice system. It features court processes stacked in favour of the perpetrator not the victim, morally bankrupt defence lawyers, and benches occupied by pissweak magistrates and judges, who for too long have let violent offenders, with very long histories of crimes against women, out on bail or parole, or handed them wholly inadequate sentences, enabling men who should have been in prison to walk the streets in search of their next innocent victim. Masa Vukotic is one among many young women who should be alive today, and tragically is not, because the justice system is a disgrace.

Source: Masa Vukotic killer: “A timebomb of violence.”