Breaking: ABC’s Media Watch discovers free speech 


One can only marvel at the breathtaking chutzpah of the ABC. For years it has been all but ritually obsessed with same sex marriage, giving ‘progressive’ advocates and activists free reign on its multiple media platforms to campaign for the change across its vast media presence. The opposing argument is rarely heard on the ABC, or trotted out purely to be smeared and sneered at, and condemned as hateful and intolerant, as was the case for the unfortunate Katy Faust on last night’s Q&A.

But now Media Watch has suddenly noticed that the significant proportion of Australians who oppScreen-Shot-2015-08-17-at-11.12.40-pmose, or at the very least are uncomfortable with, same sex marriage, are being deliberately ignored, if not silenced and sidelined, by a media obsessed with the agenda handed to it by a Green Left soviet of cultural elitists. Well may Paul Barry ask “whatever happened to free speech?” If only the ABC board and its CEO and editor in chief, who is presumed to be alive though still very much missing in action, would ask themselves the same question.

Source: ABC’s Media Watch says Christians aren’t getting a fair go in marriage debate