Katy Faust in ‘Q and A’ Booing Controversy


Visiting Q and A, guest Katy Faust has labeled the ABC and Richard Di Natale as sexist and bigoted after a booing controversy on Q&A last night.

After a classic, but inverted g11138132_10153105643352336_5460976862629640_notcha moment on Q and A, when Faust highlighted blatant hypocrisy between the demand for equal female representation in parliament (based on the balance it provides) and same sex marriage, Greens Fuhrer Richard Di Natale and audience member erupted into a chorus of boos and abuse.

Tony Jones called her observations “Sexist and out of Order” and Senator Di Natale asked the audience to “Silence the insolent, bigoted bitch” at which point the booing and preparations for a lynching began in the audience mob.

Faust pointed to the offenders to have them removed and publicly shamed, however ABC management had cut across to a promo for the upcoming Zaky Mallah show.