$220 fine for western Sydney wedding of the year- Salim Mehajer


Australia’s favourite deputy mayor, Salim Mehajer, has fronted his first council mee6706032-3x2-700x467ting after the fun and frivolity of his weekend wedding which caused a mixture of chaos an intrigue.

Auburn City Council in Western Sydney where Salim Mehajer serves, slapped a $220 fine on him at its meeting tonight for illegally closing his street for his Saturday wedding party.

This fine and penalty should be a lesson to everyone, not to ever bother applying and paying for a permit to close a street, because paying a piss-week $220 fine is most likely going to be much cheaper and less time consuming than actually doing things the ‘right’ way.

Although the paultry $220 fine looks comically minuscule and out of proportion in relation to wedding costs which are estimated to be into the many hundreds of thousand, this could be in fact the first little joke to emerge in what could be an interesting and entertaining few weeks ahead.

Who knows what kind of entertainment and intrigue might emerge for the punters and residents of the City of Auburn as the New South Wales Minister for Local Government and the Police force’s Middle Eastern Crime Unit carry out their own investigations into Australia’s favourite deputy mayor and bridegroom of the century.

More to come!

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