Developing Australia’s top end


It has been great to see over the last week the drive and enthusiasm that there is to develop Australia’s top end. Australia’s north is a massive and largely untapped resource, ripe for growth and development.Evolution_on_Gardiner

Federal, state and territory leaders have today thrown their support behind the Territory’s resolution to become a state by 2018. This is exciting news.

This announcement comes off the back of the release of the Federal Government’s White Paper on Developing Northern Australia, which sets out a “vision to unlock the great potential and opportunities of the north.”

The Northern Territory has a population of only 243,000, yet its area (1.09 million km2) is equal to the area of France, Spain and Italy combined.

There is the potential to further develop our great nation, and the opportunities in Australia’s north are both exciting and immense.

We will continue to report on how these opportunities unfold.

Watch this space!



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