You love your Nation because God created the Nations


I was watching an excellent episode of Tom, Joel and Blair this evening, where they were really getting to the heart of living for something more than themselves and why they were focused on White Nationalism.

Joel especially poured his heart out saying what could be more important than preserving your bloodline?

But I know there is something more important and I know exactly where the weakness is in that line of thinking.

Joel, Blair and Tom have ascended past the slavery of the modern “live for the now” world. They live for an ideal. They are prepared to die for that ideal and this gives them strength and nobility and makes them a danger to the State. Because there is nothing the State can do to them, personally, will make them back down or recant. But they are still vulnerable.

Because race, as noble and important as it is, is still an idol.

Blood and honour are virtues, but they are not the ultimate virtue. Blood and honour is strength, but it isn’t invincible.

The basis of race is family. So what happens if instead of threatening you with torture and death, they threaten your family? Do you let THEM die for blood and honour? Do you let them die for your race? Because what is your race without your bloodline? But you have an extended family, you say. OK, but how far does it extend? We tribe an train with our white brothers. We vow to protect them and their families, but what if they are going to all be tortured and killed before your very eyes? Do you sacrifice them, for blood and honour? All of them and their wives and children? At what point is the cost too great? At what point does the enemy break you? Because if race is the pinnacle of your principles, then they can and will break you if they choose to. If family is where your ultimate ideal is, then all they have to do is kill them. Are you willing to let them ALL die to keep your principle?

I tell you all now; make no mistake about it; be under no illusion: if you want to win then you need to be willing to sacrifice it all!

Not just your job and your house, like the anti mandate people did. That’s a good start and it puts you way ahead of most of the cowardly and selfish people of the last 4 years. But it’s not enough.

Not just your health and your freedom, like people such as Monica Schmidt or Nick Patterson did. That’s honourable, but it’s not ultimately effective.

Not your life, like many Nationalists are prepared to do. It’s certainly next level, but if that’s where the sacrifices end, it just ain’t going to get the job done.

No, you must be willing to sacrifice everything of this world. Including your past and your future. Your wife your children, your extended family, your race. The entire planet and everything on it if necessary. Because only then does the enemy have no more power over you.

But what will you have left then if you sacrifice the whole world? What ideal is left if everything else is gone?


You sacrifice it all for God.

HE is the ultimate ideal. The only ideal worth living for. The ideal that dictates and defines all of the other ideals.

You love honour and take care of yourself. Your body, mind and spirit, because HE gave you them. You love your wife and your children because they were a gift to you from Him because HE loved you. You love them because HE loved you. You protect them because HE protects you. You love your Nation because HE created the Nations. You love your race because He created the true diversity of this world. You love humanity IF humanity loves the Lord and you prioritise your love from the God within you via His Holy Spirit in order of your duties to those closest to you as He decreed. And when every human being on the planet does the same, THEN we shall have peace on this Earth and an end to sin. Until then, God has enemies and so do you. His enemies are your enemies.

God made you. God made all that you love. And the deal is, you put Him first and be willing to let go of everything else and trust Him. The only way to the Father is through the Son. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.

So you accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour. You accept that He is divine, sacrificed himself for your sins and rose from the dead three days later. That is the way.

By doing this you receive the life. Eternal life and purpose and meaning for this material life.

In between these we have the truth.

ALL truth! He is THE truth!

Here is where you let go of everything you love. Everything of this life and give it up to Him. For He is truth. Satan is lies. So your ultimate value that you do not compromise on for anything or anyone is truth. You let yourself be killed rather than lie. You let your family be killed. You let your Nation be slaughtered. You let your race be genocided. You let the human race go extinct and the entire planet be wiped out, but you DO NOT LIE! You confess the ultimate truth of Christ first and the rest will follow. God’s holy spirit will reside in you and He will do the rest. Then you trust in Him to whatever God’s will may be. Most of the time He will let you keep your life, wife, kids, Nation, Race, other human beings and the planet, but don’t take any of it for granted. Give thanks for every day and every breath you take. You just speak truth, because you have chosen to love God above all else and you are grateful because He loved you enough to take the punishment you deserved for your sin.

Then the love of your family and the love of your race and your hatred of globohomo multicultural hell will have real meaning and real power and will be invincible. Because it will be founded in the love of God and the truth of God and the hatred of those who hate God and hate all of His goodness and the beauty He created for us.

Multiculturalism is a lie. So you counter it with truth. The holocaust is a lie. So tell the truth. White genocide is happening. So tell the truth about it. The majority of white people are fat lazy disgusting slobs who live meaningless lives of slavery. So call them out and confront them with the truth. Because lies lead to death and truth leads to Christ and eternal life as well as renewal for white civilisation in this life.

Be willing to sacrifice everything for God. For He is THE truth. ALL truth. Then there will be nothing that they can take from you, nothing that they can threaten you with, that you haven’t given up to God already. You trust that He who created all things can create it all again if He wants to. So you have nothing to fear. So have faith.

Tom said the etymology of the word faith is faithfulness or loyalty. I say to you, it’s specifically loyalty to God. Trust in Him and make Him your highest principle. Anything less just isn’t going to work.

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