A Pox on Schooling


I’ve had to hire quite a lot of people over the years, including for the oil & gas industry, which is not known for putting up with much nonsense, at least not on the ground in upstream operations. I always take a look at someone’s work history, and I’m particularly interested to see if they are able to hold down a job for at least four or five years. People who jump around a lot tend to jump around for a reason, and that reason is usually that their colleagues didn’t want to put up with their shit.

But credentials such as degrees and that sort of thing never come up on my radar. If I find who I think is the right person and they need some form of shitty credential in order to be covered by government interference, then I will get them that shitty credential. However, I do look at degrees in order to eliminate potential candidates. Someone who sports a long list of years wasted in college, and who makes that list the forefront of their suitability for employment, that is going to grab my attention for the wrong reasons, at least for them.

Mr Harvey Millican discusses an example of knob gobbling on the credentialism totem.

What is laughable is that Dr. K. states in his post that only “credentialed” individuals (and even then only those whom he will thoroughly vet) need apply to sign the document. So only those chosen elites in the “club” are smart enough to make this kind of a call…

Harvey compares this puffed up idiot with the most holy Saint Catherine of Sienna, who had the habit back in the day of telling the cardinals and the pope exactly what she thought of their pitiful efforts to lead to heaven the souls entrusted to their care. And as he notes, Saint Catherine had no education. But they listened to her.

Being credentialed does not make you smart. On the contrary, in this day and age it marks you out as a sucker. How many of the so-called credentialed submitted to the poison vax? (It should be noted for posterity that this week AstraZeneca pulled their Covid vaccine from the market.) How many of the credentialed believe the prevailing line on the Ukraine? On Israel? On global warming? On whether people can “transition to the opposite sex? On whether one can define who is a woman? Or in this case, on the non existent pope?

These are the credentialed. It is one thing having to go through 12 years of schooling where the authorities steadily attempt to poison a young man’s mind against his family, against his community, against his heritage and against God. It is another thing entirely to then voluntarily decide to extend such an indoctrination for a number of years, while paying for the privilege.

Your credentials do mean something; they signify that you’re a sucker. That you are apt to being played. But you carry your credentials as a badge of honor of your superiority, blissfully unaware that the majority of your peers boast the same pieces of paper. To stand out today, show me that you resisted the brainwashing and from the start were able to think for yourself.

I used to argue that for some professions such as doctors, architects, rocket scientists and the like that a degree was still necessary and usually valid. But no more. The medical established completed discredited itself during Covid. The buildings that surround us are the ugliest in the history of mankind. And as for rocket scientists, I would no more trust a modern scientist than I would a used car salesman.

Your degree is worthless spit. Your degree, and your participation in its existence makes you part of the problem. The System wants you to enslave yourself to their credentialist rat run. And once you do, then you will shill to defend it as a sucker never wants to admit to being played.

The truly fortunate today are the home schooled. But those whom I admire most are the free thinkers who refuse even to finish a government run school. In over thirty years in the professional workforce I have never once had to produce my high school certificate. Looking back, those were wasted years. Today they are even more irrelevant. Get out there young man and do something. Get your hands dirty. And the only schooling you need to worry about is the hard knocks school of life and the schooling that God will send your way, if you are fortunate to recognise it as such.

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