Insane Windfarm Plan for WA


You can’t take your eye off the Globalists for a second. You’re not even started in bringing them to account for the coerced poisoning of people to death and you’re on the back foot about drag Queen Story Hour. You’re only just back from your second protest on that and they’ve started a war in Ukraine. You’re pointing out that they’ve wiped out all the White men in the richest farm land in the world and then they’re genociding children in Gaza.

Well I hadn’t even begun to say anything ironic about all of the people the jews brought into Australia now hating on Israel in the streets of Melbourne and Sydney, and I find out I need to talk about off shore wind turbines, instead.

The Labor/Liberal uni-Party, probably with endorsement from the Greens and Nationals too, have allowed an insane plan to “go to public consultation” for the 2050 bilaterally supported Net Zero goal. “Public consultation” is code for hold a few obscure meetings in the middle of the day during the work week and hope no one turns up. If anyone does, let the up and coming politician Globalist wannabe rattle off some trope about “nothing is decided yet” and then go ahead with the plan regardless.

So what delightful thing has globohomo decided for us now? 20GW of intermittent unreliable electricity capacity from a 7000km2 off shore wind farm between Mandurah and Cape Naturalist south of Perth in WA. Each turbine will be 268 meters tall to produce 15MW and it will require over 1,300 of them. Anyone who knows this area will know that it is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the entire world.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, WA.

The beaches are phenomenal between Busselton and Cape Naturaliste. Whales migrate up the coast every year. Dolphins can swim right next to you at Mandurah or in Bunbury. The highest hills are around 200m near Yallingup. They can be seen from 50km away south of Bunbury on a clear day. The tallest buildings in Perth are under 250 meters tall. There are just three of them close to that height. I mention these features of the WA coast to put into perspective what 1,300 wind turbines that are higher than the highest buildings or hills will actually do to the area.

They will be 20km off shore and placed along the coast every 2km meaning that not a single beach or view of the ocean for a 100km stretch of coastline won’t have them as the only thing you can see when you look out to sea.


You have to understand that for the past 50 years every attempt to build any structure along the WA coast higher than four stories has been met with COLOSSAL resistance. The last person to succeed in building anything over 10 stories high, was Allan Bond in the 1980’s with a Hotel in Scarborough that is 20 stories high but there was hell to pay and no one has dared to try anything close to that since. But 1.300 wind turbines at 268 metres tall each? Why that’s no problem at all.

Not one of these monstrosities will add a single extra watt of electrical capacity to the WA grid. Because every single watt they generate will need a back up from a conventional power station to jump in every time the wind isn’t blowing, or is blowing too hard to be safe. Those existing power stations or new gas power stations will be made inefficient and more expensive by operating as stand by for the virtue signalling bird blenders. So expect electricity prices to at least triple because of this project.

But jobs, jobs, so many jobs. Yes, spending money to build whale and dolphin genocide machines will create lots of jobs. Let’s bring in even more Indians and Chinese to fill these jobs. Let’s reduce housing supply even further. Let’s increase congestion on the roads until the government is able to bring in a 15 minute city and ban cars. Let’s not have any more jobs in tourism or farming because everyone needs the labour force to be building, maintaining and replacing (every 10-20 years) wind turbines now. But we can save on some labour by dumping the used ones into the ocean, because they can’t be recycled. So there’s a way to save some money. As for the oil leaks that these things are notorious for? Well that just more jobs to clean it up, isn’t it?

Why are they doing this? Why, Net Zero of course. Sea levels are rising don’t you know? Really? Is that because of global warming or because of the tens of millions of tons of concrete and steel you’re pouring into the water to displace it so you can build wind turbines? But it’s getting hotter? Really? Is that because of carbon dioxide or is that because the energy from the wind that used to cool down the WA coast on summer afternoon is no longer reaching the coast because its energy is being collected to make electricity by off shore wind turbines? They used to call that afternoon summer breeze the Fremantle doctor. Now they will have to change its name to the Mandurah MRNA shot. I would feel sorry for the Australian fast bowlers at the WACCA during the next Ashes Test, except they’re all a bunch of triple jabbed virtue signalling stooges now and they play cricket at Optus stadium instead of the WACCA where the Fremantle doctor is unable to get into anyway. But that’s progress don’t you know.

All of this because just when I thought we were winning the battle against the global warming lies back in 2019, they sprung the-common-cold-can-kill-everyone onto us and proceded to murder every elderly person who went to the doctor suffering from such a cold. They locked us down. They pushed masks and gene altering poison on people. There seemed bigger things to worry about. We took our eye off the ball. Destruction of the West via global warming insanity continued on in the shadows. It’s time to play whack a mole once more. Once again we must be roused from our slumber and organise to say “no fucking way am I going to stand for this!”

So spread the word and tell them in the “consultation” that they can do this over your dead body. Just do it quick because I think they’re about to claim that another pandemic is on its way.

You can fill out a survey re public opinion on the offshore windfarms below:

You can find Stephen Wells at Telegram and purchase his books here.