The Christian case for Mask Off Nationalism


Originally published February 23, 2023.

A few years ago I joined a nationalist network of guys in the Perth area. The vetting process was extreme. The first meeting was clandestine. Severe steps were taken to make sure our meeting was secret. Five guys interviewed me in a park with no mobile phones and I was accepted in.

To say I was nervous about what I was getting into was an understatement.

It turned out that what I was getting into was a social club of hiking, camping, movie nights, car service teaching, book club and chess nights. There was literally ZERO political activity. There was a bunch of White guys afraid that the AFP would raid any attempt for White men to go fishing together in numbers greater than two.

I recently heard that many of these guys did get raided. They finally did something political and put a banner up over a bridge on the Perth Freeway denouncing lockdowns and the next thing to happen was that homes were raided, guys had tails put on them 24/7 for weeks on end. People’s employers were contacted, people’s families were harassed. One guy came close to committing suicide according to the former member who was telling me about how the group broke down.

Obviously all of this secrecy and paranoia simply resulted in State Security becoming paranoid about what the the guys were being secretive about.

What we were being secretive about was movie night, where 40 White guys and 10 White ladies watched “War Games” with Matthew Broderick. We all learned how to play Tic Tac Toe against the Soviet Union computer whilst eating chicken curry together. The first chess night was held at a “secret location”, which meant outside, with the wind blowing so hard all the pieces kept blowing over. The second time we all just went to a local pub, where it quickly became apparent that I was the only person who was really good at chess and that it’s not much fun playing against someone who takes all of your pieces and checkmates you in 10 moves. So we had a few beers and went home.

The ultimate aim of the group was honourable: Build a community of White guys who would become like family to one another. The problem was, the paranoia became a self fulfilling prophecy.

Here at the XYZ we have been advocating separation from the system for a long time. We have advocated for building community amongst your own.

What has become clear to me after hearing of the misfortunes of my previous clandestine social group, is that secrecy is for the enemy, it’s not for us.

They are the creatures of darkness. We are the people of the light.

They are the ones to do midnight raids, arrest people for filming them, get promotion through Freemasonry or Jewish connections. Engaging in conspiracy and plots to rule the world.

We cannot win by playing their games. If you want to know how to win, read Paul’s epistles in the New Testament. Read how Jesus responds to His accusers in the Gospels. Nothing he said to His disciples differed from what He said in the Synagogues or to the masses in public. Be open, be truthful, be unashamed.

I am building community in the south west of Australia. I am loving my neighbours, I am doing good in my Church, I am opposing the Agenda publicly anywhere it rears its ugly head in my local area. Little children knock on our door every evening simply to tell my wife the latest Dad joke they’ve heard or to play her a song on the ukulele that they’ve learned. Neighbours drop off treats for our chickens or grass cuttings for our garden. The local charity shop appreciates the volunteer work. My employer sees me coming into work early, cleaning the company truck unasked, always cheerful, always willing to help, always available, except on Sundays. My church group know that my house is always open for them to visit anytime they are nearby and my house is available to hold church in any time our church leader needs a home to hold service in. Friends know they are welcome to come and visit.

If I am ever raided by police, it will be the biggest red pilling event the south west has ever seen. Because I am not secretive.

I am not ashamed and I am not doing anything nefarious. Sure, it will be spun to say the opposite and some people will claim they always thought there was something fishy about us, but what worked for Jesus will work just as well for my wife and I, even though we won’t affect anywhere close to a tiny fraction of a fraction of the people He affected. We are His disciples, nonetheless, and through the millions of His true disciples living the way He taught us to, we will triumph through Him.

Jesus taught us that we are the salt of the earth, but what use is salt if it has lost its flavour? (Read Matthew 5: 13-16) Salt in the ancient world could become polluted and lose its flavour. What use then was it other than to be trampled underfoot by men? Likewise, we can become polluted by sin. What use then is a Christian who believes in the death and resurrection of Christ, who still allows his life to be polluted by sin so that his faith becomes tasteless?

Jesus also said we are the light of the world, but what use is a light if it is hidden under a bushel? How many Christians don’t do anything other than act smug to each other about being saved?

Turn to Christ people. Let God’s Holy Spirit help you purge sin from your life and then let your good works shine His light on the world. To die is to gain, to live is for His glory. There is nothing the enemy can take from you when you have already given everything you have to Christ.

I build a community amongst White people because God commanded me to live amongst my Nation (ethnic group). I do not hate other races or cultures because I advocate for them to do the same. Most of the people whom my wife and I give our love, time and resources to don’t inquire into our beliefs because we are not pushing our beliefs onto them. We give freely, we don’t demand anything in return. Other “White supremacists” are known to us and are just as integrated into the broader community as we are. State security might know which of us are chatting about concentration camps not having any gas chambers, and which of us are chatting about growing pumpkins, but to be sure they would have to raid every home in the south west. They could make an example of me if they want, but I’m not sure how they would explain it to the 10 year old next door. Or his parents.

I’m at peace, either way.

There is no political solution. All of you have realised that long ago. There is also no violent solution. It’s time you all reconciled yourselves to this too. There is only a spiritual solution. Change in the physical only comes after change in the spiritual. Political leaders will rise and fall. Violence on the streets of Australia and the rest of the Western World is coming in spades. Assassinations of politicians and Billionaires. Riots, financial and Civilisational collapse. Yes it’s all going to happen. But only when people turn back to God and back to Christianity, (including most of the people who call themselves Christians) will things change.

And that won’t happen by being secretive about it.

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