White Australia finds its Voice


Just thought I’d pop back in as a one off, to say: This is awesome.

The whole of Real Australia voted against the so-called “Voice to Parliament”. To find the pockets of anti-Australian sentiment, you have to zoom in the map to view the inner cities of the state capitals, and the A.C.T.

In these tiny envelopments live the privileged minority of Australian residents who voted for the voice. They are typically university “educated”, deracinated and obnoxious. They’re the kind of people who force their opinions down other people’s throats then get offended when somebody disagrees.

They are Australia’s woke elitists, they control the government, the media, the bureaucracy the corporations and cultural institutions. They are the reason a wasteful referendum nobody asked for happened.

Australia’s establishment and the lobby groups who purportedly speak for the so-called “marginalised” are one and the same. As such the “left” has completely abandoned and betrayed Australia’s working class. They exist in tiny pockets, surrounded by people with whom they share nothing in common but a deep, mutual hatred.

Naturally, they’ve thrown a tantrum, much to our schadenfreude.

Okay, so that last one was satire. Cultural Marxists have no sense of humour so they would probably label it “disinformation”. They are utterly convinced that “racist” “disinformation” cost them the referendum, and they’re using the loss as an excuse to censor the internet even harder.

Hilariously, after insisting that the so-called “voice” had nothing to do with “reparations” or a so-called “treaty” (after we literally produced footage of voice architects openly boasting that this was what they intended to do) the Aboriginal identity politics industry is now pushing on with establishing a so-called “treaty”.

Thus the “yes” camp has refused to acknowledge the cause of their failure. However, so too have the winners. While the defeat of “the voice” is good for White Australians, the victory of the “official” no campaign’s message is not. “Say no to division” is code for “We don’t want White people to play identity politics.


You just had a boomer moment, didn’t you.

You’re about to tell me how good Jacinta Price is.

Think about it though. At the same time that she boasts of a victory against the divisive politics of the left, she regularly refers to aborigines as “my people”.

Why would she do that? Using the expression “my people” divides Australians into those who are “her” people and those who are not. Jacinta is quite happy with the idea that aboriginals are allowed to have a racial or ethnic identity while White Australians are not.

This is classic Overton Window strategy. We are supposed to believe that what separates the far left from the far right is a disagreement over whether aboriginal advancement should be pursued through symbolism or through practical measures. Meanwhile the official “no” camp shares the same overriding concern as the “yes” camp:

To prevent Anglo Australians from recognising other Anglo Australians as “my people”.

They do not want White Australians to develop any kind of racial consciousness. There is not a single elected politician in Australia who openly and explicitly advocates for White Australians. The last one who did was banished, and political activists who advocate for White Australians face the full force of the state’s repression apparatus and are jailed without trial.

Instead, White Australians are constantly lectured that we are racist, while anti-White multiculturalism and mass immigration are the law of the land. This referendum by definition accused White Australians of being “racist”, and defined Australia as being “racist” from its very inception.

It is remarkable that we were even allowed to vote on “the voice” in the first place. The people who want us dead thought that we would just give in and vote against our ethnic interests – ie hand over even more power to those who want us dead – because they thought they had crushed White Australia’s sense of ethnic identity.

We’re not dead yet. Whether implicitly or explicitly, White Australians understood that “the voice” was against our ethnic interests and voted overwhelmingly against it, which indicates that a large proportion of White Australians still believe we have a right to exist as a people and are determined to survive.

This is why the establishment is scrambling to crush any further expression of White Australian identity, and why it has chucked a tantrum.

They’re scared.

They are completely surrounded.

It’s your XYZ.