Goodbye XYZ


As readers have probably figured out by the lack of content the last fortnight, The XYZ is shutting down.

Speaking personally, I am burnt out and I will do other things. I will no longer write or edit The XYZ, but will leave the site up for posterity. I have ended all irl activism, will no longer do livestreams, and all XYZ social media has been shut down.

Thank you to every loyal reader who has followed The XYZ, many of you from its inception in 2015. Thank you to all the writers, to the websites which have generously syndicated their material, participants on our livestreams, Patreon donors, and the people who have worked behind the scenes to keep the website, livestreams and social media up and running.

To the men of Australia’s nationalist movement: You are the bravest men I know. Godspeed.

You can still find many of XYZ’s excellent writers at their own sites:

In addition I would also like to thank important contributors such as Matty Rose, Jack Blackthorn, Eh?nonymous, Ross Peitsch, James Fox Higgins, Captain Logos, Boethius, Keating, Vic Timms and Ray Green. Some remain unmentioned, and apologies to those I can’t remember. I would strongly recommend readers visit the Richardson Post where some XYZ writers will migrate.

The XYZ has covered the most important events in Australian and international politics for the last 8 years. We started as a motley collection pf conservatives and libertarians who wanted to protect free speech, balance the budget and stop the boats. Vague concerns over the growing influence of Islam led to an understanding of demographic replacement and the mass immigration threat faced across the West.

This burgeoning understanding spurred XYZ’s involvement in the West’s Year of Revolt in 2016 which featured the successful Brexit referendum in Great Britain, the election of Donald Trump in America and the return of Pauline Hanson here in Australia. The reality of how all three played out exposed the illusion of democracy, and sparked an interest in exploring who really rules the world and exposing historical narratives which are weaponised against White people.

We took the Red Pill.

Along the way we have covered key events such as the poo marriage postal vote; the valiant attempt of Fraser Anning to give Australians a say on whether or not we want to be replaced via mass immigration; the system’s exploitation of the Charlottesville protests, the Christchurch Incident and the January 6 Uprising (after the 2020 Fake Election) to suppress dissident voices; the fake pandemic and the mass protests against Covid Tyranny; the emergence of Thomas Sewell as a leader of national significance; and the campaign against a so-called “voice to parliament”, an argument we appear to have well and truly won.

The darkest days could well lie ahead for Australia. Clownworld apparently wants to pivot from its disastrous war against Russia to a disastrous war against China for no reason. America is on the brink of Civil War 2.0 as its elites attempt to jail the real President to prevent him from running in the 2024 Presidential Election. America will abandon Australia to Chinese colonialism. The question for Australians will be; where do you want to be, and with whom, when it happens?

At some stage over the next couple of years I intend to put together a history of the last decade of Australian politics, using a collection of key XYZ articles as an outline, along with some commentary.

For now it’s goodbye and God Bless.

David Hiscox.

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David has studied history and political science at Melbourne University. His thesis was written on how the utilisation of Missile Defence can help to achieve nuclear disarmament. His interest in history was piqued by playing a flight simulator computer game about the Battle of Britain, and he hopes to one day siphon the earnings from his political writings into funding the greatest prog-rock concept album the world has ever seen.