Death to Women’s Sports


At the introduction to the Australian Football League some years ago of a women’s division, I wrote that watching women chase a football around a field was like watching women chase a football around a field. The very first women’s game Down Under was hysterically promoted by the media as a “sell out” complete with pictures of a stadium filled to overflowing, when in fact it was free to get into the ground.

Clown world had arrived, or so we thought. But the underlying tenet of clown world is that it can never stand still. It is like some mutant giant slime that must keep moving forward and absorbing more victims into its system or it will wither and die. And so just a few years on from that first “great triumph” for women’s sports we have passed from the surreal to the hysterically evil; either you will laugh or you will cry.

I think that this new clown world development is wonderful, top notch if you will. Because “women’s sports” is an oxymoronic abomination. Women playing sport was an early clown world triumph. The womens think that their rights have been impeded, when in actual fact they never had any rights. They were simply pawns from the very beginning, used by clown world to move us all gradually along the sliding scale.

In other words, women’s sports was a means to an end for those who think they are in control of clown world. The women were used but they themselves have been enthusiastic participants in the clown world agenda, which means they now have no recourse. Women playing sport is specifically designed to make women into men, to confuse and blur the lines between the sexes, so that clown world can interchange us at will. We become slaves and the real and final targets are children, because if there is eventually no difference between men and women then by the evil and twisted logic of clown world children will not need a mummy and a daddy, and children themselves will not be a boy or a girl, but rather an it.

And then great evil can be openly practiced because who can mourn an it?

Lunatic men in frocks and lipstick competing against women is their desired result. But it’s not the end game. However, it is becoming apparent that they have moved too soon and that the general public is beginning to sense that the water is not tepid but uncomfortably warm. A part of awakening and escaping from this nightmare will be the complete repudiation of women’s sports, of reestablishing the clear lines between the sexes. In other words, sweetheart, shut up and get me a sandwich.

But to do that we will need to return to God as a society. because a godless society is exactly what we have now. We are living the reality of what happens when people are encouraged to believe in anything. And in that regard, evil has no limits.

Originally published at Pushing Rubber Downhill. You can find Adam’s books here.