New Zealand PM refuses to define a woman


Pedo freaks are the new Covid:

Can you blame him….

The new New Zealand Prime Minister at a recent press conference refused to define a woman. The NZ Lying Press is ignoring the story while everybody else is laughing at him, similar to how the Australian Lying Press ignored the totalitarian measure imposed by Dictator Dan during the 2020-21 lockdowns while the rest of the world was horrified.

This hilarious incident comes just days after thousands of pedo freaks mobbed and nearly killed Posie Parker in Auckland for saying that women don’t have penises.

In Victoria a Liberal MP who attended her protest was nearly sacked for saying that women don’t have penises, and the entire political establishment has been catatonic after NSN activists protected Parker from pedo freak terrorists in Melbourne.

It is important to understand the context. It does not require particularly deep analysis, as to go too far down this rabbit hole essentially amounts to playing chess with a pigeon. Let’s leave it to the kid to sum it up best:

Liberals are attempting to make the issue about women’s rights being wound back by evil men. Ordinary people are simply pointing out, leave our kids alone:

My favourite commentary on the matter comes from one of the brave men who stood against the pedo freak terrorists in Melbourne.

White Man: “But we’re here to protect the children. It’s as simple as that. A lot of us have been fighting this fight for 20 bloody years, and finally other people are starting to wake up.”

Reporter: “How about this mob over here?”

White Man: “They’re pedophiles, or at least they’re pedophile protectors, or they’re pedophile advocates. We advocate for children, these people advocate for pedophiles to have access to children. We are not the f—-ing same…

“The biggest crime any of us commit is drinking raw milk, that’s our biggest crime. We’re here to protect the children. We’re here to fight for our people.”

All this pedo groomer nonsense is the chaos of Late Stage Clownworld. The Clownworld Empire is currently gearing up for a cataclysmic war with the Russian Empire and the Chinese Empire, to touch off a blaze which will engulf them all.

Those with foresight among us are holding our children close, maintaining traditional family structures ordained by God and preparing for the what comes afterward.

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