Migrants swamp Melbourne because they hate White people


A self hating white “academic” has admitted that migrants hate Australians, and this hatred of us affects their decision making:

An academic has claimed more migrants have been moving to Melbourne because Sydney is considered to be a ‘more white’ city.

ANU demographer Dr Liz Allen told Daily Mail Australia through the 1990s and into the 2000s ‘politicians in greater Sydney and NSW made decisions that weren’t necessarily thinking strategically with the long-term in mind’.

She pointed out the announcement made by former NSW premier Bob Carr in 2000 after he claimed ‘Sydney was full’.

‘This kind of unwelcoming rhetoric existed and we saw that at a federal level as well,’ she said. 

Didn’t Carr support BDS? Maybe his decision was strategic, after all…

Her comment comes after Melbourne dethroned Sydney to become the most populous city in the country on Monday.

Nuke Melbourne.

The title was handed over on a technicality after Melbourne widened its western boundary partly due to the increasing number of migrants from India moving to the area.

Melbourne has become the popular city with more Indian students also choosing to take up a degree in the city.

Dr Allen argued Sydney may have celebrated multiculturalism but hadn’t been practicing it as well as its southern rival.

This kind of rhetoric reinforces anti-whiteness in public policy making, and is profoundly stupid.

‘That translates to Melbourne holding the crown for welcoming more recent migrants to Australia,’ Dr Allen said.

‘Melbourne is viewed as more welcoming. We get the cultural perception of being at the fore of modern Australia, that Melbourne represents contemporary Australia in terms of its celebration of diversity.


It stands to reason that if non-whites prefer to live among other non-Whites, White people should be able to freely move to where there are other White people, form exclusively White institutions and advocate explicitly for White interests.

That would be fair, wouldn’t it?

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