Empowering The Majority


A while back, I wrote an article questioning if it was time to begin our own separate society, and only very briefly outlined what I had in mind. Today, I’d like to just focus on the very first step of attaining that ideal, and explain why that step in itself could actually be as far as we need to go.

We are the majority

I often comment on news sites such as the Daily Mail, because while they are controlled organisations with a narrative and agenda, I will take the opportunity to wake people up to the truth wherever it presents itself. And while it is heavily moderated, biased, and certain people, certain sexual orientations and certain skin colours are heavily protected from any opinion other than one stating how ‘wonderful’ they are, I still manage to sneak around a third of my comments past the moderators.

And yes, this has led to my being totally banned several times, like my alias NovakDjokstrapovic, who was banished from the site after just a 10-week run, for stating researchable facts about the LGBT community and pride parades.

But what is really disturbing about my comments is this realisation. You see, I set out to get hard hitting facts that will make people uncomfortable, published. I’m not chasing ‘likes’. My comments are not written in a fashion to attract ‘likes’, but are often blunt and offensive even though they are factual. So I would expect ‘dislikes’ simply because I’m somewhat rude and to the point.

However, that is not what is happening. During his short tenure in office, ‘NovakDjokstrapovic’ managed to slip 423 comments past the moderators, for a total of 334 likes and just 89 dislikes. A ‘like’ rate of 79%. Similarly, my current avatar has managed 2,117 comments, attracting 59,270 likes, and 13,205 dislikes. A ‘like’ rate of 82%. Which begs one huge question.


Sure, it could be argued these news outlets attract certain types of readers, and the results would be different if published in The Guardian, The Age, or their ABC. But how different? Every study I have done indicates the majority of Australians have had a gutful of such things as social issues shoved down their throats at sporting events, transgender insanity in our schools, and LGBT ideology, just for a start. IF, and it’s an unrealistic ‘if’, the media were to actually print the comments following something like Mark Latham’s courageous tweet of response, it would be obvious a huge amount of people share the same sentiment.

We work while they destroy

So, why are we losing the war when we have majority advantage? And not only losing, but being annihilated.

Well, it’s partly because our adversaries are everything we are not. They are organised, they are connected, they are funded, they are fanatical, they are motivated, they are dedicated to the cause, they will do whatever is necessary to win, and they have the time because the majority of them are either on the government teat, or Centrelink recipients who only work part-time at cafes, and see troublemaking as their full-time occupation.

Meanwhile, the likeminded group on our side of the fence are the ones still holding the country together, working 2 jobs, paying massive amounts of tax, raising families, and running businesses. Like my electrician who I spoke to the other day, and who was shocked by what I had to tell him about current affairs. He had no idea things were so bad. With work during the day, paperwork every night, and a 10-year-old son, he’s lucky if he gets to even hear the news each day, let alone research a topic, attend a protest, or take an active part. But while he is distracted by trying to ensure he still has a business to run and can feed his family, the walls continually keep quietly closing in around him.

We must unite

But to my thinking, the problem here is not actually that difficult to resolve. There is power in numbers, even small numbers, as the 18% proves. The issue we face is getting our numbers into a singular united force, instead of being a scattered bunch of individuals, divided against ourselves over minor differences. I often find people who agree with 90% of what I say reject me totally because I fail to be on the same page as them on one singular issue. It is a learned behaviour borrowed from the socialist movement, that we have allowed to infiltrate our thinking. ‘If you love me, you will agree with me’. They mean 100% agreement, as anything less makes you a ‘hater’.

However, I have found no matter how far apart people’s thinking is, there is always common ground, and that common ground is where our focus has to be. In 2016 I conducted research that involved speaking to voters from all sides of the political spectrum, and whether left, right or centre, they all agreed on one common thing. That Australia is in trouble, albeit for varying reasons.

So, for some time now, I have been mulling over and discussing a very simple solution to our current situation, and is as follows:

I suggest establishing an organisation for the sole purpose of uniting enough Australians to powerfully put an end to the insane ‘woke’ policies, laws and agendas plaguing our country.

A manifesto would be drawn up, outlining 10 to 12 basic core issues that we stand united against, that most of us can completely agree upon. For example, one would be our desire for schools to actually teach our children reading, writing and math, and ban sexual instruction from our primary schools, and LGBT agenda and drag queens from classrooms completely.

Having agreed upon our manifesto, we then call for people to sign up to an online national register, declaring their support of the ideals outlined in the manifesto. This centralises our power into one place, and requires little effort from the participants other than a statement of their agreement. We would not be asking them to put their businesses in a precarious position, nor anything that would risk seeing them ‘cancelled’. We would simply be asking, if you are truly fed up with the issues listed, and the direction Australia is heading, put your hand up and say so.

5 million signatures

A letter to the government rarely even gets read. But a letter to the government with 5 million signatures supporting it certainly gets noticed. Because at the end of the day, votes are all politicians care about, and there are 5 million of them attached to that letter.

Likewise, 5 million people boycotting a product or company will quickly see a change in attitude and policy, because the bottom line for them is profits.

And politically, instead of votes being scattered all over and wasted on minor parties and independents, 5 million votes directed toward a particular candidate or party would see our situation of powerlessness in the parliament resolved, and Labor and Liberal crawling over themselves to try and get them back. Suddenly we have influence. We are no longer a silent majority, but an outspoken one. Can you imagine threatening to withdraw our children from the school if they are groomed by LGBT agenda? You see, when one or two parents do this, they are just conspiracy theorists. But when 2 million parents do it at the same time, now the government and the schools have a huge problem. No students, no money.

Likewise, 5 million people boycotting a media outlet suddenly puts them into a precarious position, as advertising revenue comes under threat. Watch them fold like a deck of cards the moment their advertising revenue takes a plunge.

Do you see the power such a movement would wield? And so far, nobody has even had to leave home, much less risk being abused or arrested by attending a protest. We could take this power, and use it to change the course of our country, and ensure our children’s future. To put an end to this ‘woke’ nonsense that threatens every part of our freedom. And likewise, to expose the lies of the media about what the majority of Australians really want and think, forcing them to report factually.

And that is just the beginning of what we could do with it. But I’ll give some time to allow the possibilities to sink in a bit first, before I move onto the opportunities that could follow….. as I haven’t even started on their ABC yet.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Currently, this is still an initiative in its infancy. If you would like to express your interest or have any questions, please email us at theaustraliansvoice@outlook.com.