Hysterical Damage Control of NATO Docs Leak Confirms ZOG’s Biggest Lies


From Dissident Mag.

Jazzhands McFeels

Whether it’s the so-called “NAFO” trolls facilitated by the Ukrainian government or the Pentagon, the supposed Russian casualties are a common trope against the Russian Federation from a propaganda standpoint. Al Jazeera, whose claim to fame is being a supposedly anti-Zionist outlet, is on the Ukraine train. AJ cites the UK Defense Ministry’s estimate of 60,000 Russians dead as of February 18th, 2023, specifically 9,000 from PMC Wagner. CNN claims that Russia suffers five times as many casualties as Ukraine does, specifically in the battle for Bakhmut.

The programming is facing serious jeopardy as of the evening of April 6th, 2023. The New York Times reported on leaked documents spreading across Telegram and Twitter, which details NATO’s approach to the Russia-Ukraine war. While they don’t describe the if’s and when’s of the Ukrainian offensives, there is one damning part of the leaked documents that the Biden administration is currently playing damage control on; the aforementioned casualties.

According to the documents, the Russian KIA numbers rest up to 17.5k as of March 1, 2023, and Ukrainian KIA numbers reach as high as 71.5k as of March 1, 2023.

Considering how Russia has fought thus far, with slow encirclements and advances, specifically securing key points around Bakhmut (Soledar, Red Gora, etc.) gradually, it makes sense. Russia has made several key withdrawals, specifically from the city of Kherson, the only captured Oblast capital since the start of the broader war in February 2022, and from the entire Kharkov region. These withdrawals signify a careful war being played by Russia in an attempt to limit casualties for future confrontations.

The ZOG media is going full damage control/cope mode, claiming that “experts” reviewed the documents and they seem “altered” in a potential “effort of disinformation by Moscow.” Why go through the effort of trying to remove said documents if they’re altered/inaccurate? With increased anti-ZOG sentiment growing worldwide, it makes sense from their perspective not only to try to smear the leaks as fake but do everything in their power to simultaneously remove them from the public eye.

This isn’t the first time the United States has attempted to blame Russia for bad PR, especially recently. Most notably, the Nord Stream explosion, which was unofficially blamed on Russia. However, it all came crashing down when longtime Jewish journalist Seymour Hersh confirmed what we all knew to be true by exposing the explosion as an American operation. Secretary of State Blinken stated that the explosion was an “opportunity” to remove EU dependence on Russian gas. Such remarks echo Biden’s threat that if Russia were to invade Ukraine, “there will be no Nord Stream 2.” When pressed on how he intended to accomplish such a goal, since the deal is between Russia and Germany, Biden responded, “I promise you we will be able to do it.”

Mission accomplished.

From Dissident Mag.