Waleed Aly apologises for Jesus insult, keeps his job: Spanian calls sodomites groomers, loses his job


Literally nobody in Australia likes Waleed Aly:

The Project has apologised after a comedian’s joke about Jesus on Tuesday night’s show led to calls for the programme to be cancelled.

Queer comic Reuben Kaye was speaking about the hate he receives for his sexuality and for dressing up in drag – particularly from the Christian community – when he made the X-rated remark.

“I love Jesus, I love any man who can get nailed for three days straight and come back for more,” Kaye quipped.

Sodomites hate Jesus and they hate Christians. This is absolutely standard behaviour from a sodomite – passive aggressively claim you’re hated and discriminated against by Christians before hatefully discriminating against Christians. Note that this sodomite was given a national platform on which to spread hate against Christians while Christians are labelled terrorists.

Sodomites are a hate group and we just need to get the hell away from them.

Waleed Aly looked stunned by the joke, made on prime time television, while co-host Sarah Harris burst into laughter.

Wally knew. He remembered what happened to Kyle Sandilands and why. When Kyle Sandilands blasphemed against the Virgin Mary, a mob of angry muslims turned up at the studio. Muslims heretically believe that Jesus was a simply prophet and they consider Mary important in this heretical context. What also distinguishes muslims from Christians is that muslims actually are terrorists, ie they will blow you up if you anger them.

So Kyle had to apologise.

That’s why Wally knew, as soon as this sodomite blasphemed against Jesus, that he would have to apologise, or else face an angry mob of muslim extremists:

On Wednesday’s show, Aly apologised to viewers.

“During a live interview last night, our guest told a joke which we know was deeply and needlessly offensive to many of you.

“We want to acknowledge the particular offence and hurt that it caused our Muslim and especially our Christian viewers. Obviously, I understand how profound that offence was.”


Please note, dear reader, that I am writing this article as I simultaneously read through the Lying Press article, which I have cut and pasted without attribution so as to avoid amplifying harmful content, for the first time. I don’t know what’s coming next, this is like the article version of a real time watching video. Nor have I watched any of the clips in question as viewing Waleed Aly and/or sodomites triggers my disgust reflex.

Basically, I called it. He apologised to muslims before he apologised to Christians.

Harris added: “Live TV is unpredictable. And when this happened in the last few moments of the show, it took us all by surprise, there wasn’t a lot of time to react in a considered way.”

Aly then said: “We weren’t expecting a comment like that to be made and we acknowledge the offence it caused. We are sorry.”

This sends mixed messages to Christians. On the one hand the Regime appears intent on marginalising and demonising Christians as terrorists, but on the other it demonstrates that terrorism works.

At the very least, Christians should take a leaf out of the SJW book and demand that Wally prove just how sorry he is. Wally should be sacked. He should be forced to donate hundreds of millions of dollars to a Christian and pro-White organisation, and he should be kicked out of the country, along with his family.

When Kanye pointed out that jews collectivise to undermine and dominate other ethnic groups he lost his career and billions of dollars. The fact that Christians do not have the same clout proves this exact point.

Recently, Dilbert creator Scott Adams criticised black people’s hatred toward White people and lost his career. Also contrast this to the fallout for rapper Spanian, who pointed out that sodomites are groomers in response to the Sydney Sodomy Parade. His label dropped him and the Lying Press defamed him:

Rapper Spanian has been dropped in disgrace after appearing to compare the Pride movement with paedophilia.

Spanian alleged in a bizarre Instagram rant that “deadset paedophiles” hide behind LGBTQIA+ events and use them to further their motives.

It’s true.

“I’m f***ing sick of this f***ing perverted, putrid s***, like a bunch of deadset paedophiles hiding behind some f***ing gay pride,” Spanian began in the video.

“How far is this until youse are showing d**ks in the streets now?

“We’re not even men, we’re not women. We’re f***ing this, we’re that, we’re a hundred different things. Forcing it upon us. We say nothing. Everyone’s too scared to f***ing say something. Then it’s forcing it upon our kids….

“It’s gotten to the point now there’s f***ing pornographic images in the streets with gay flags,” he continued.

“These times are coming to an end. All of these child groomers hiding in plain sight, the times coming to an end, I’m not coping it no more. I’m f***ing over it. I’m calling it out.

“Anytime I see any of these putrid maggots, trying to hide their little s**t, targeting kids, just like Balenciaga. It’s no f***ing different. What they doing. Sick of this s***, we’re done. The whole country is done. The whole world is done,” he continued.

He continued: “What’s next? Walk around the streets, naked yourself, masturbating?

“What else do we have to accept? Because we’re too scared to talk because you cancel everyone else. What else? What else do you want to be called? Huh? What else do you want to teach our children? F***ing sick of this. F*** ’em.”

Hip-hop artist Manu Crooks and former professional basketball player Andrew Bogut voiced their support for Spanian‘s video in the comments section.


However, Australian hip hop collective One Day responded by cutting ties with Spanian for his comments.

“Our company is no longer representing Spanian, effective immediately,” the group posted on Instagram on Monday night.

If you insult Jesus, you issue a not-apology and continue to make a six million figure salary. If you criticise jews, blacks or sodomites, you lose everything in the temporal realm.

Note my use of the word “temporal”.

Be like Spanian.

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